InSAR Monitoring

We at VFAS Nordic (Steinkjer, Norway) are proud to offer InSAR Ongoing Monitoring programs from 3vG.

InSAR Uses Radar Satellite Images Taken Over Time To Precisely Measure Ground And Structure Displacement

Step 1

Radar Image 1

Step 2

Radar Image 1, 2, 3…

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Step 4

Advanced Processing



Area of Coverage: 1500 square kms per satellite image @3m resolution

Data Density: Data points every 9 square meters

Precision / Detection Limit: 2 millimeters

Measurement Frequency: Every 4 – 11 days

On-site Requirements: None; remote sensing, no hardware required

Why InSAR?

  • Remote monitoring – no ground instruments or on-site visits required
  • Large area coverage – monitor areas up to 1500km2
  • mm – cm precision = detect 1-2 mm of displacement per year
  • Detecting displacements in areas of known and unknown risk
  • Track millions of data points over monitoring area
  • Updated displacement measurements every 2 to 12 days


OIl & Gas





Applications for InSAR

  • Detect areas of risk to prevent pipeline rupture
  • Ensure stability of all types of infrastructure
  • Monitor for slope movement along transportation corridors
  • Make better decisions by understanding ground movement threats to existing and planned infrastructure
  • Shifting infrastructure due to melting permafrost

3vG Ongoing Monitoring

VFAS Nordic offers the 3vG Ongoing Monitoring Program
  • designed to provide clients with actionable intelligence that allows them to mitigate risk
  • monitor vital assets such as tailings, dams, pipeline right of ways, and bridges, as well as critical slopes for creep and landslide detection
  • custom toolbar for various software platforms to assist clients in efficiently visualizing displacement information
  • on-site training for our clients. This training focuses on the operational usage of our products, as well as InSAR fundamentals, benefits, limitations, operational considerations, and comparisons to ground truth data.
  • Technical support is provided throughout the duration of a monitoring contract, available 365 days a year.
Why 3vG are global leaders in InSAR monitoring

Vast Expertise: Delivering +2000 InSAR reports annually to clients operating in +40 countries

100% InSAR Focus: 3vG is exclusively dedicated to developing and maintaining the best InSAR technology in the industry.

Custom Analysis: 3vG customize and adjust algorithms accordingly for every project and analysis to achieve the best results for each client.

Frequent Updates: Near real-time reporting (after each new image acquisition) for new and accelerated displacement reports

Satellite Independent: Working together with clients to determine the best radar satellite for each project.

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